4 Things You Need to Know About Lot Clearing

Many times, when you buy a piece of land in the countryside, it would be containing vegetation along with some fully grown trees. If you intend to construct anything on that piece of land it is first, important to go for lot clearing. Only when you are able to clear the land, can you begin constructing something.

Many people are completely ignorant about lot clearing. There are a few things which you need to know before clearing the piece of land.

1. Timber might be valuable:
While the timber of all trees is not valued the same, but if your piece of land is in the countryside, surely you would find some trees whose timber would be valuable. If you have no clue about this, you can call in a lumber broker, to help you determine the value of the timber.

It is a possibility, that only some of the trees might have valuable wood. In such a case, you have to take a quotation from lumber broker and mark off, those trees so that you can sell them off later. Dirt Work

If you are hiring a contractor for the lot clearing, you have to let them know in advance that you would need the timber. Many of the contractors, factor in the profits which they would make by selling the timber from trees while giving you the quotation for lot clearing. That is why it is necessary to be upfront about it right from the start.

2. Get the equipment right:
If you are planning on turning lumberjacks yourself for the lot clearing, you would need quite a bit of equipment in order to do it right. The equipment which you would need are:

-Chainsaws with 18-inch blades
-Safety equipment (Gloves, Helmets, heavy gloves, visor etc)
-Backup blades

Even with the right equipment, it is not an easy task and you would need proper planning to start cutting down the trees. 

3. Start with the smaller trees:
When it comes to cutting the trees you should always start with the smaller trees. After cutting the smaller trees you would have plenty of space, to tackle the bigger ones on the lot.

4. Stump removal is a different ballgame altogether:
Cutting the tree is one thing and removing the stump is quite another especially if you are speaking about a large tree. Oftentimes, the best way to do so is to hire a bulldozer to get it removed from the ground.

If that is your plan of action make sure that you leave at least 4 feet of the stump on the ground.

So, if you want to clear your lot, these are things which you should know in order to do it the right way. Land Clearing