Electricians of Different Types – Each Handle Different Needs!

When thinking about electrical problems or wiring installation, it is easy to assume that every electrical contractor is basically the same.

While this might be the case in the broader sense of how they all do perform electrical services, there are specialties in the field to know about.

Electrical companies that cater to different needs employ electricians who are specifically trained and certified to safely and skillfully handle those needs.


The first classification for electrical contractors involves certification.

Master electricians have the highest level of training and certification in their specific electrical field.

Apprentices are those who have completed a 4-year degree and training program and are ready to start working under the guidance of other more experienced master electricians.

In the middle of the certification levels, journeymen are apprentice electricians who have passed skills tests to gain this certification, which allows them to work independently, without having to apprentice under a master electrician.

Working Positions

The types of electricians by the jobs they perform also differ, as each job can involve different tasks.

Outside linemen work on power lines and electrical services.

Inside wiremen handle electrical services inside a building.

Installation technicians usually work alongside inside wiremen to do the hardware installation when putting electrical service into a building.

Residential wiremen are those who handle many aspects of residential electrical needs as well as connecting home service to the outdoor power supply.


While every electrical contractor starts off with the same basic training and education, there are many electrical specialties that require specialized training as well.

Among those, the technicians employed by residential electrical companies are just one of the numerous specialties in the electrical field.

There are also commercial, industrial, construction, and highway safety electricians each of which serves a different sector of utility work, maintenance electricians, and automotive and marine electricians.

So Many Types of Electricians!

The electricians that work for electrical companies of all types are the ones that keep the world powered up in all the different ways there are to do that.

Though every one of these electrical contractor jobs is the same on the basic level, beyond those basics, they are all highly specialized.

Between the different training, certification levels, and job positions, there is much more to the electrical service industry than simply being an electrician.

When seeking an electrical company for home electrical work, be sure to find one that offers the right electrical services!