Lawn Care – Home and Garden

People tend to beautify their homes and gardens. Grand home designs are usually combined with great landscapes. These landscapes are beautifully created with lawns. Your lawn serves as a haven and gives relaxation and comfort. The family loves it especially kids. Kids play around the lawn. Giving them happiness. Giving you feeling of contentment. Releases tensions from everyday work. Releases kids' stresses. Lawn Care
With the comfort you are experiencing, you want to keep it that way. You may ask a professional gardener to take care it for you. Or you may do so by yourself. Know and learn the basics on how to take care of your lawn.
Just like you, You need to feed your lawns too. Feed them in right amount of fertilizer. Overdoing it will be harmful and will make them sick. They can get easily be targets of insects and diseases. Lawn Care Maintenance
Soil needs to be tested for its ph level. Its ph level should 6.0 to 7.2. Your local service may test its ph level. This can be solved by adding iron to lower it or lime to raise ph level. 
An average lawn needs about 1inch of water in a week. For newly sods, soak it after two weeks. After two weeks, you can water it every day or two. Early morning and early evening is the best time to do so. It allows the soil to absorb the water more.
Mow your lawn the right way. Never cut more than one-third of leaf blade. You may mow your lawn 2x a week or if necessary. Mowing once or 2x is fine. As long as you know the proper way of mowing your loan.  Lawn Care Services
Interior and exterior designs will transform your garden, patio, lawn into a blissful place. Thus nurturing its plants and lawns is necessary. A good garden design could be equaled to a fashion industry. Contributing beauty to the world. Lawn Care Company