Protecting Your Furniture From Flood Damage

Many homes, business, and towns around the country have been severely affected by the recent flooding which has caused a devastating amount of damage. Although there is little that can be done to prevent flooding from happening in the first place, there is plenty you can do to try to protect your furniture from costly damage. Flood Damage

Move everything upstairs

It might not be particularly practical or easy, but if you can, try to move as much as you can upstairs. It might make living conditions rather cramped for a while, but it's better than paying to replace all your downstairs furniture.

Use your rubbish to protect furniture

This might sound like a strange one but using empty tins, plastic bags, paint pots and anything else you can find that is waterproof is a great way to protect furniture from water damage. If you can't move your possessions upstairs then simply put table and chair legs in empty tins and pots or tie plastic bags around them, so they don't get damaged should water start coming into your home. Flood Damage Cleanup

Put furniture in self-storage

If you want to ensure that your furniture is 100% protected during times of flooding, then putting your possessions into self-storage is a great way to guarantee this. As well as preventing your belongings from getting ruined, this is also a great option if your floors have been damaged and need repair work. With all your furniture out the way, floors can be fixed quickly and easily and then when it's all finished, everything can be moved back. Furthermore, with facilities all over the country, such as self-storage, you don't have to worry about your furniture being too far away. Flood Damage Restoration

Use a flood bag

Flood bags are large, waterproof defense systems that protect your possessions from getting damaged by water. Whether it's tables, chairs, electrical goods, paperwork, soft furnishings, sentimental items or even cars and bikes, simply put everything into the bag, zip it up, and you won't have to worry about anything getting wet and damaged.


If you haven't already been affected by flooding but know that the likelihood is high, then it's well worth investing in sandbags. Placing them outside your property means that they will absorb any water and reduce the chances of it entering your home.

Buy flood-proof doors and windows

If flooding has become a regular problem for you, then it's well worth investing in flood-proof windows and doors. This will help to keep shallow water out your home and means that your prized possessions won't get damaged. Flood Damage Clean Up Services