Tell-Tale Signs of Foundation Problems

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Water in your basement?

Walls cracking?

Foundation Walls Wet?

If you discover that the walls of your basement are more than just damp, you may have wet basement wall problems possibly caused by:

  • Landscaping/Grading issues – Yard drainage solutions involve determining that soils slopes to your house and should slope away, which can be fixed.
  • Gutter issues – make sure you have gutters installed that direct rainwater away from the foundation, not towards it.
  • Groundwater Issues – soil is too wet and has nowhere to go but into the basement so for yard drainage problems, install footing drains to carry water away from the foundation.
  • Groundwater Issues – For basement drainage issues, install a french drain outside the home to carry water away from the foundation.
  • Cracks in foundation – Foundation wall repair solutions may need to be done to stop water from coming inside.

Check for inside leaks – may be something simple inside

May need to install a basement exhaust fan to reduce humidity levels and condensation on basement wall or increase overall air circulation.

Lots of basement water problems, lots of basement repair solutions that should be done to get that problem fixed sooner rather than later!