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Carefully planning is required if you are going to construct a fence around your pool or garden. Regardless of the size or purpose of the fence, you should keep one thing in mind: the fence must be robust enough to safeguard the area inside it. Given below are steps for building a strong fence. Fences

Part 1: Basics
For protecting a backyard garden, you should go with long wooden boards. For protecting a pet animal, a picket's stretch can provide ample protection and fresh air. 
Height is another important factor you need to consider. The height of a private fence should be at least 6 feet, and barriers should be 4 feet in height. Fence Installation
Part 2: Proper Measuring and Preparation
Decide the spacing of the posts. The space between posts should be between 6 and 8 feet based on the fence type and terrain.
Use stakes for marking the spaces. For digging holes, you can use a digger for potholes. For stability, � part of each post should be under the ground.
Part 3: Adjustment of the posts
Put an adequate amount of dirt at the base of the postholes. Now, insert your posts with an angle of 90 degrees to the earth. You should rock gently to help the posts settle. Do not move the braces for 14 days so the posts should settle in place properly.
For protecting the base from standing water, you can make a mound of concrete or dirt around the bases of the posts.
Part 4: Rails and Boards
You should nail an upper and lower rail to the posts of the fence, running horizontally. Next, you should measure the distance from the top of every post to figure out the place where you should put the bottom rail for keeping it straight.
The number of rails can vary based on the style of the fence. You can use just one or several rails.
You can consider nailing boards to rails or posts based on the style of the fence. Nail boards can be altered in a certain pattern or on just one side of posts or rails. 
Part 5: Installing a Gate and protecting the fence
After you have installed the gate, you should take steps to protect the newly constructed fence from the impact of weather. For this, you can apply wood sealer coats. Fence Painting
So, you can see that building a fence is easy if you are ready to find some time and follow the instructions given in this article. If building a fence seems to be a mission possible to you, then you are free to hire a fencing service provider.