Top Tips When Dealing with Flood Damage

Many of us have had to deal with the ordeal of flood damage to our homes. This is especially true if you happen to live in the hurricane prone zones. But where do you start when your home is rampaged by floods. When everything in your house is soaking wet. Unfortunately, there is no checklist out there to take you step by step through the recovery period. However, here is one of my top tips when dealing with flood damage.

1. Contact your insurance company First things first. Most homeowners have insurance cover. As such, it`s of the at most importance to utilize this to the fullest. Depending the on the type of cover you have, you are bound to save a ton of cash on repairs. Always avoid disturbing the site before you call your insurance company. Now, why is this important? Well, you are more likely to get compensated by insurance companies if the damage site has minimal external interference. And if you must move things before the agent gets there, make sure you document the damage either photographs or videos. Flood Damage Cleanup

2. Get a specialist sometimes, dealing with this level of damage is overwhelming. Both physically and emotionally. In any case most of us lack the technical know-how to help us salvage the most of the debris. That`s why a water remediation specialist is necessary. They have the experience and the skills to salvage your furniture, clothes and other household items.

3. The mold After all the salvage process is done and you have dried your house and belongings, mold is the only thing to worry about. If possible get a specialist to rid your house of mold if you spot any. You could do it yourself, but you risk spreading the mold even more.

4. Always switch the power off If you are working in water, it is always advisable to switch off the electricity. Water conducts electricity and therefore it`s very risky mixing the two together. Flood Damage Restoration

5. Sought through the debris carefully go through the debris. You will be amazed by how many items you can salvage. All it takes is a keen eye and ability to differentiate between that that can be salvaged from that that can`t. Others might just need a little repair.

6. Disposal unfortunately, you will have to throw away most of the unsalvageable items. But as you dispose the debris, make sure you do it right. Flood Damage Cleanup Services