What Are The Top 4 Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Services?

Sewer problems happen and when they do, it can be the start of a costly, time-consuming sewer rehab repair.

Sewer repairs relating to old, cracking drain lines usually require breaking up the concrete or digging out trenches to reach the affected sewer lines to replace them; however, trenchless drain repair changes all of that.

Trenchless replacement of damaged sewer lines offers another option to messy and invasive digging when old sewer lines begin to fail.

Why Is Trenchless Drain Repair A Great Option?

Using an innovative process that consists of cleaning the inside of damaged drain pipes then applying a protective and impermeable lining to correct cracks and breaks, here are the top reasons why trenchless drain repair is the most beneficial option when old sewer lines need help:

  1. Less Invasive and Destructive Than Trenching - The biggest benefit overall to using trenchless replacement over standard trenching for damaged sewer repair is that there is no digging or breaking up of concrete involved. With everything done from the inside, there is no reason to disturb the ground or pavement and then go back and patch it all up.
  2. Faster Process - With trenching unnecessary, the entire sewer rehab process is much faster. It involves less equipment, fewer people working, and fewer hours of labor from start to finish. This also means that those serviced by the drain line face a much shorter period where they are inconvenienced by the line being unusable.
  3. More Environmentally Friendly Than Trenching - Using only a few small access holes, trenchless drain repair eliminates the need to disrupt grass and plantings or break up concrete and pavement, only to have to replace it all again. Eliminating the need to trench also removes the fuel consumption from the equation as well.
  4. Much Less Expensive - Considering all of the things that are not required using trenchless replacement, repairs made this way are much less expensive than doing it the traditional way.

Consider Using Trenchless Drain Repair!

Whether dealing with a sewer blockage, a crack, or just an aged drain system that is slowly giving way to decomposition, trenchless drain repair is the best way to make many of these repairs.

This cost-effective type of sewer rehab is minimally-invasive, making it quicker, easier, and cleaner than trenching.

Before allowing any sewer repair service to start digging in, check to see if trenchless replacement isn’t the better option for the job.

With repairs made in a matter of hours as opposed to days, the many benefits of a trenchless solution for damaged drain lines are obvious!